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HZAU Holds 2nd China Mycology Frontier Forum for Young Scientists

On the afternoon of April 13, the opening ceremony of the 2nd China Mycology Frontier Forum for Young Scientists was held at HZAU. Coordinated by the National Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology and the Mycological Society of China(MSC), this forum received support from the MSC Youth Working Committee and the MSC Edible Fungi Specialized Committee, as well as

The opening ceremony was presided over by Prof. Bian Yinbing from the College of Plant Science & Technology. Designed to ignite innovative thinking among young mycologists, facilitate academic exchange, and foster collaboration, the forum stands as a platform for China’s young mycologists. Guo Liangdong, chairman of the MSC, Song Xiaochun, president assistant of HZAU, Zhu Longfu, dean of the College of Plant Science & Technology, and Xu Rong, director of the National Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology attended the forum.

Prof. Guo acknowledged the significance and influence of HZAU as a leading institution in the field of edible fungi. He conveyed earnest aspirations for the 2nd China Mycology Frontier Forum for Young Scientists to burgeon into a national platform for top-tier exchanges in mycology, nurturing more outstanding talents in the field.

Song Xiaochun highlighted the forum was not only a significant academic event in mycology but also an inspiring platform for the exchange of ideas among young scientific talents. He emphasized on the crucial role of HZAU’s applied mycology discipline in serving the high-quality development of the edible fungi industry through cutting-edge research, and underscored its substantial contributions to both industry and discipline. Recognizing young scientists as the driving force of technological innovation, he hoped that through this in-depth discussion and extensive exchanges, collective wisdom and efforts would be leveraged to explore forefront issues in mycology and further accelerate talents cultivation and technological innovation within the field.

The 15 young scientists who presented at this forum were recommended by academicians from the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering in the field of mycology and key experts from the MSC. Their research spans diverse areas, including fungal multi-omics analysis, fungal gene editing and functional research, and fungal molecular systematics. They shared their latest research findings in these fields respectively. Prof. Li Guotian from HZAU delivered a speech on “Designing Broad-Spectrum Disease Resistance Targeting Pathogen Infection Structures.”

This forum served as a platform to exhibit the latest academic achievements of young mycologists in China, fostering communication and collaboration among young scientists in the field of mycology.

Translated by: Dong Wenli
Proofread by: Zhu Mengjiao
Supervised by: Pan Buhan