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Party History Education in Chairman Mao’s Former Residence

On the afternoon of April 11th, a Party history learning and education event kicked off in the Mao Zedong’s Former Residence Exhibition Hall in East Lake Hotel. Among the attendees were Qing Ping (vice president), representatives from the Undergraduate School, the General Party Branch of Communist Youth League Committee (CYLC) and three student Party branches of HZAU.

The participants took a photo in front of Mao Zedong’s former residence. (Photo/Zhang Zhanqi)

Situated within the East Lake Hotel, where Comrade Mao stayed for 48 times, the residence witnessed his longest and most frequent stay outside of Zhongnanhai, the habitual residence of China’s top leadership in Beijing. During his stay in Wuhan, Comrade Mao handled critical Party and state affairs, traced the development of the world, met with foreign leader s and friends, and provided significant insights into the development of global trends.

The exhibition hall is divided into two floors. The first floor boasts a collection of invaluable photographs, documents, and household items of Comrade Mao. It features six themed exhibition rooms: “Precious Memory at East Lake”, “People-centered Governance and Frugal Living”, “Far-reaching Decision-making at East Lake”, “Global Concerns and Large Social Circles”, “Broad Knowledge and Refined Sentiment”, and “A Great Trailblazer to Be Memorized Forever”. The second floor restores rooms such as Comrade Mao’s bedroom, study, meeting room, and dining area. A total of 1725 exhibits create a comprehensive portrayal of Comrade Mao’s glorious life course, which stretches from his revolutionary endeavors in Wuhan during his youth to his significant role in governing the nation during the stay in the East Lake Hotel following the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 . They give a glimpse of the personality charm of a great leader— hard work, selfless dedication, frugality and humor.

All, including the physical exhibit, images and charts, and scrolls of pictorial literature, caught the eye of both faculty members and students, sparking their interest in further admiration, reading, discussions and exchanges of ideas. Meanwhile, they listened to the explanations and raised questions from time to time.

By retracing the footprints of the red culture and visiting the esteemed leader’s former residence, participants gained a deeper and more visualized understanding of Comrade Mao’s life story and revolutionary contributions. “Though not my first visit to the Exhibition Hall, this rewarding event has left me with profound insights”, said A Riziguli, a member of the second Party branch of the College of Resources and Environment. “The story of Chairman Mao swimming in the Yangtze River in front of Field Marshal Montgomery showcased the extraordinary demeanor, national confidence, and courage of an extraordinary leader. This is also the wisdom endowed with the Party’s history that we need to absorb”, she added. Zheng Yue, a member of the second Party branch of the Undergraduate School and a cadre of the Ideological and Political Education Management Office, noted, “The Chairman Mao’s revolutionary endeavors in Wuhan impressed me deeply, enabling us to learn from Party’s history and reaffirm our original aspirations. As a Party member and an ideological and political education worker, I will integrate the learning and education of Party history into my specific duties, cultivating a new generation committed to the rejuvenation of China.”

This educational event, as a part of a series of exploration and practice activities in 2024 organized by Undergraduate School and the General Party Branch of CYLC of HZAU, was organized by the Undergraduate School and the second Party Branch of CYLC. It aims to enrich the daily education of Party members and foster organizational development.


Translated by: Yan Xin

Proofread by: Sun Ying

Supervised by: Wang Xiaoyan